Easy Hiking in Northern California

Where can you find a trail that's short and fun in a beautiful setting? Where can you hike if you are short on time or short on energy? "Easy Hiking in Northern California" will set you on your way—the easy way.


  • A hike that takes you away from the crowds to a stellar destination—a waterfall, an incredible sunset view, a wildflower-filled meadow, or a peaceful redwood forest.
  • A hike that's between one and five miles long and walkable by almost anyone in 30 minutes to two hours.
  • A hike that doesn't require lugging a heavy backpack into remote terrain or weeks of planning. Just get on the trail and go!

This book provides detailed trip notes, mileage and time estimates, directions, contact information, advice on the best times to go, and tips on how to make the hikes easier or more challenging.

Published by Foghorn Outdoors/Avalon Travel Publishing.

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by Ann Marie Brown
3rd Edition
ISBN 1-56691-871-5
298 pages

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